What is Christian Universalism?

Christian universalism is a belief in the simple Bible truth that Jesus Christ is the “Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.” He is the promised Messiah of whom the prophets of the Old Covenant foresaw; Jesus is the Savior of the world, He is the “Second Adam,” through Whom all mankind will be restored to God’s original image, He is the only way to the Father, the only begotton Son of God Who gave His life for the world. We believe He is king and judge of the universe, and owner of all Creation, and that His purpose for the ages (aions) is to bring all things under His government and reconciled with Himself.

We believe that through His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus will save all mankind and restore all things. As Christ Himself said, “If I be lifted up (crucified) I will draw all men to me” (as also prophesied in Psalm 22). Jesus is the Name before which every man, woman and child, from all of human history will bow before and declare that He is Lord. At that day, the prophesied “restoration of all things” shall come to pass, and of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end.

In the Greek New Testament, this teaching was called apokatastasis. Over the centuries, men and women used many different terms to describe this glorious teaching including ultimate reconciliation, universalism, Christian Universalism, Biblical Universalism, universal salvation, universal restoration, universal reconciliation, the larger hope, the greater faith, the doctrine of inclusion, Paul called it “The Glorious Gospel,” and “his gospel.”

While the early American Universalists embraced a biblical Christian version of universalism, when it merged with the Unitarian denomination, it became a non-christian organization. It is unfortunate this has happened. This is one of the reasons many Christians who embrace the teaching of the salvation of all mankind do not like to use the words “universalism” and do not like to be called a “universalist.” But the term has always had a derogatory slant on it.

The words “universalism” and “universalist” were originally in English used as derogatory slurs much as the word “Christian” was used as an insult. Eventually, believers in Christ accepted the smear and carried the reproach with dignity. Today, while millions of Christians have abandoned the pagan concept of Hell as Scriptural, they are still very skittish about being branded a Universalist. Of all the teachings the traditional churches has attacked and ostracized over the centuries, universalism ranks at the top.

It is ironic that the group of Christians who give our Father and His Son the greatest glory and honor (Universalists), are considered the greatest threat to the traditional churches who teach Jesus loses most of mankind to a place called Hell in which billions of human beings will be tortured forever.

Universalism is the “Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It’s all about Jesus Christ and His finished work on the Cross. It’s all about Him and it’s all GOOD NEWS and a joy to all mankind.

Jesus Christ IS the savior of the world, whether traditional churches believe it or not. Perhaps it takes great faith to believe such a great promise. Will you one day hear, “Ye of so little faith, why did you doubt?”