This ministry does not preach laws, rules, and regulations, nor does it try to legislate holiness;
rather, it proclaims the truth of Christ IN YOU the hope of glory!

This ministry does not teach doctrines and creeds, but we exhort the Lord’s elect to grow up into Him who IS THE TRUTH!

This ministry does not preach questionings and doubts, but assures every man that you have within you the ability
of the mighty Christ to become all that God has revealed to you and apprehended you for!

This ministry does not preach that we are all just human, apt to mistakes, and no one can be perfect,
but exhorts the saints, “Let us GO ON TO PERFECTION!”

This ministry is not out trying to build another church, denomination, organization, or kingdom of man,
for this ministry knows that there are enough sects and schism dividing the body of Christ,
so this ministry encourages every child of God to look to and depend upon no man or movement,

This ministry does not draw men unto themselves, to control or manipulate under their authority,
but freely and earnestly seeks to raise up the nature, mind, will,
and glory of the Lord in each individual member of the body of Christ,
until they have built God’s true building, the temple of the Lord!

This ministry does not set the “ministry” above the so-called “laity,”
we do not make a distinction between the various members of the body of Christ,
though each member is indeed unique and every joint supplies;
we teach that ALL are the body of Christ, and everyone a member thereof,
and only the glorious Head of the body has in all things preeminence!

This ministry does not preach submission to men, but union with the Spirit of Christ within them!

This ministry does not preach about flying away to heaven, but of being filled with all the fullness of God!